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Depending on your needs, we can do as little as to prepare you before the visit, arrange your arrival and help you with accommodation...

You arrive, we do the rest.

Moving to another city can often be a challange on its own. Moving to a foreign country is a whole new level of difficulty. You're about to face lots of exciting but also challenging adventures. We're here to make it easy, stress-free and greatly enjoyable for you! 

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About Us

... or as much as to organize you language classes, gym membership, help out with documents, show you around the city and much more!

Who we are

Our experience stems from over 12 years of running cultural exchange programs for students. Defined by passion and fueled by excitement, we are a group of Lubliners with a desire to open the city up to all its international visitors.

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Our services



crucial arragements

Are you new to Lublin and need help arranging housing, necessary documents, getting around and accommodating yourself in a way it feels a bit more like at home? Or maybe you’re planning to arrive and want to make sure that when you do, you’re well prepared and ready to set off on a new and exciting journey of living in a foreign place?


350 PLN


everything taken care of

Are you planning on coming and need more guidance? We'll pick you up from the airport, provide a temporary housing, help you choose the best accommodation, show you around the city, take you on a tour and equip in all necessary handbooks, maps and knowledge. Before arrival, you'll get an online orientation on what to bring.


990 PLN



Would you like to get everything done in one place? It's never been easier! You'll get it all right here: gym membership, medical care, language classes, translation services, luggage storage, currency exchange, international meet-ups, tours and trips, newsletter, daily help line and more! Available legal and psychological support.


990 PLN

Your comfort is our duty

You don't have to worry about a single thing: we'll deal with the stuff while you'll be having fun exploring the city. Starting with getting PESEL number, bank account, bus pass up to finding you perfect accommodation, language course, trips, health care, fitness clasess, meetings and much more!

Why us?




We are the leaders in the business of cultural exchange and we have all experienced it first hand while attending the programs overseas - we know the issues, challenges and solutions better than anyone else.

Having worked with thousands of students we have their struggles at heart. Passionate about working with ambitious youth, we developed unique systems and designed original tools to help them out.

Since Lublin is our beloved home, we know it inside out. We've walked every path, tried food at all restaurants and visited all festivals ever organized at its grounds.

Meet Lublin - your city

Lublin has a reputation of a great city for students - it's a constantly developing academic center with reputable universities and constatnly growing international community of students from all around the world. Historically, Lublin was a lively hub where varied cultures would cross and different people enrich each other with their unique experience.

City of Lublin

Best universities in Poland

Studying in Lublin is a wonderful opportunity, especially if you're looking for the best high-level education in Poland and you value the quality. There is over 6500 international student who came to study in Lublin. Variety of programs to choose from, great reputation, students from all around the world and prominent career prospects - adventure's awaiting!

Study in Lublin


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