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All inclusive, based on the real needs of the foreigners living in Lublin. Ultimate

What's included?

Unlimited pass to fitness centers and pools 

You have the freedom to work out everywhere at any time - big variety of gyms and fitness clubs to choose from without a need to sign long term contracts. You can show up at one place today and at a completely different one tomorrow. Group classes, gym, swimming pools - your choice is unlimited. You’ll stay in shape without getting bored along the way!

Access to private healthcare system

Finding a good specialist does not always come easy. Not to mention one who communicates in English and doesn’t charge lots of money. But you don’t have to worry about those issues anymore. You can go to an English speaking doctor in Lublin knowing you’ll be treated well without waiting long for a pricey appointment. If you feel under the weather, you don’t have to add yourself another headache bound with booking a doctor’s appointment - we’ll make sure you’re taken care of. 

Polish language classes - 2 x week

Small groups, private settings, effective system - you’ll learn Polish in a blink of an eye! Focused on practical aspects and promoting speaking we make learning Polish easy and understandable for everyone. Not only will you gain comprehensive knowledge and acquire vital linguistic skills, but you will also spend time in a nice atmosphere encouraging you to develop your abilities. All tea and coffee lovers will appreciate a chance of getting an extra stimulus helping their learning process!

Office hours helpline

Do you need to speak to somebody about an issue you are faced with? Are you having any problem understanding something while shopping? Did you get lost? We’ll here to get you out of any trouble. Just give us a call and our support team will be glad to help!

International meet up - once a month

Getting to know others is probably the most exciting part of living-in-another-country experience. We want you to be able to integrate with peers, meet new people, speak to the locals and benefit from learning more about various cultures. Integrating community of internationals and Lubliners during themed meetups poses a unique opportunity of broadening your horizons and having more fun. 

Translation services on demand

At a certain point, everyone is faced with a challenge of filling in and submitting official forms or documents. Often, you need to see a clerk and explain the situation. Bureaucracy can often be overwhelming, especially if you have to deal with it not knowing the language. Thanks to our translators and interpreters all official meetings will be stress-free and documents will be prepared correctly right away. 

Weekly newsletter

Curious on what’s going on in the city, what are the events you could attend or free attractions you need to try? In our newsletter, you’ll get all the updates in a convenient form, everything covered in one place - most important news, captivating events and other things worth attention. We’ll keep you posted so that you don’t miss a single thing!

Day trips around Lublin

Lublin and its surrounding is a hidden gem worth closer examination and deeper exploration. Not only will we tell you what to see - we’ll take you there and show everything off so that you feel comfortable getting around the city, making free time in Lublin interesting and gaining knowledge about the city you chose for your temporary Polish home. You’ll be provided with both fun traveling and valuable learning opportunities. 

Trustworthy currency exchange

It is important to use trustworthy services that offer currency exchange. We’ll enable you an access to a spot you can trust, where you won’t be taken any advantage of. Saving money for more attractions is always a smart thing to do and you’ll be able to make the most of it in an easy and simple way.