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Essentials you will need most and fundamental arrangements. Classic.

What's included?

Accommodation Assistance

Finding a reliable place for rent, with an adequate pricing in a good location does not come as easy as it may seem. The truth is, many landlords either don’t speak English, or simply prefer Polish citizens perceiving them as more trustworthy, others intentionally charge internationals more for renting their properties. This is why you’ll get our full assistance in finding a perfect place meeting all your needs and you’ll rest assured that your deal is secure and nobody is taking advantage of your situation of a newcomer. 

Welcome Pack

We want you to be well prepared for your next weeks of the stay in Lublin. Our welcome pack will be a great starter packed with the information on cultural, historical, instagram-worthy spots and most importantly it will contain all you need to know about public transportation, offices, customs, restaurants etc, including gifts and promo codes.

Tour Around Lublin

Everything’s new and unfamiliar. Faces of the strangers you pass by, odd architecture, roads you need to learn to come home, noises of a big city, and traffic rules to name just a few. But this time, you’re not on your own! We’ll show you around explaining how to get to the most important locations. You’ll be able to experience the city in a safe way, encouraging further exploration in the future.