We dream of an open and welcoming city for everyone visiting on all occasions.

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Born out of a need, built out of a heart’s desire, our brand’s greatest mission is to help and support foreigners - professionally and wholeheartedly.

Having a reputation of an academic center Lublin more and more often is becoming a temporary home for international students from all over the world.

Therefore, accommodating young people coming from varied backgrounds and a certain concept of how the living here is going to be, is our main priority.


We are the leaders in the business of cultural exchange and we have all experienced it first hand while attending the programs overseas


We know your issues, challenges and solutions better than anyone else - we  tested everything out and know what works best. You can trust our professional experience


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Trust the Experts

In Open Lublin we stand for unity, cooperation and equal chances. Driven by an aspiration to make a change, passionate about people, and experienced in helping students, we care about you and want to ensure your comfort and safety in this new environment you found yourself in. 


Differences are beautiful and significant virtues we want to promote and celebrate.

e n h a n c i n g

e n a b l i n g


Community of ambitious individuals who took a leap to pursue their goals.


Overcoming challenges creates space for personal development and impacts others. 

e n c o u r a g i n g