Lublin - city of Inspiration

Polish cities often get official slogans that sum up their unique character, convey general vibe and describe the most important feature. What's so inspirational about Lublin that this was a natural slogan choice? And most importantly, how can you get inspired in and by this atmospheric city?

Welcome to our blog post series dedicated fully to the city of Lublin. We'll take you on an entertaining guided tour revealing secret treasures, sharing valuable recommendations and discovering what's best about it with you alongside.

"Sztukmistrz z Lublina" - rigger from Lublin install dangled upon the city.ation art
fot. Michał Grzechulski

Inspiration as a word opens up new worlds of meaning and interpretation and all of them happen to be true and relevant. It's one of those very few that inclusively welcome all personal definitions as all of us see it a bit differently. And that's the first qualification - openness and diversity so deeply present in the history of Lublin.

Polish dictionary describes innovation as:

  1. an afflatus, a creative spirit and enthusiasm,

  2. an influence exerted on somebody, suggestion.

Not only are those words an incredibly well-fitting but they also translate to a daily reality of what Lublin offers.

There is a broad emphasis on the artistic and inventive side of things that semantically stems from inspiration.

Number of cultural activities and initiatives springing up tirelessly is ever-growing and so is their variety.

Festivals are a great example: Jagiellonian Fair referring to the fairs known from the 15th century, Night of Culture filling the public space with artists, cultural communities and countless events or European Festival of Taste exhibiting the multicultural heritage of the Lublin region's cuisine, to name just a few.

Lublin is a lively hub for all kinds of cultural institutions, organizations, projects and initiatives - not a single day goes by without something interesting going on in the city. That can be illustrated clearly by the Central Playground - attractive space for summer-time fun and countless shows, workshops and screenings for people of all ages or the Bridge of Culture - urban space that temporarily gets taken over by the artists. Film festivals, concerts, meet-ups - they're all numerous no matter the season.

As a dictionary entry, inspiration implicates also a major significance of influence it exerts, which carries it further than just an inner individual sense making it relevant in the substantial actuality.

There is no need to prove the undeniable influence Lublin has on its citizens and visitors but many examples simply call for being shared and talked about.

Despite many nobel cultural institution Lublin is proud of having, art has never been limited here to the four walls and it always finds a way to sneak out to brisk and enrich the city space in truly creative ways. Trees and bike stands wrapped up in colorful wool, Open City exhibitions spread widely in the public space, improv shows on the city squares or musicians playing happily in the historic gates.

A tree wraped up in the colorful wool.

Another important thing about inspiration is that we all need it desperately. Scott Kaufman from Harvard Business Review hit the nail on the head by saying that

"Inspiration awakens us to new possibilities by allowing us to transcend our ordinary experiences and limitations. Inspiration propels a person from apathy to possibility, and transforms the way we perceive our own capabilities".

It translates to Lublin in a couple dimensions:

It's the biggest academic center in Eastern Poland and its universities rank really high on a national scale. Young people come here full of potential to develop themselves and see their dreams come true. Inspirational aura of the city attracts them like a magnet and they seem to feel it all over the world - last year, there were 6,500 international students in Lublin from nearly 100 countries and the number grows bigger each year!

✦ There is an fertile economic zone hosting lots of start-ups and enhancing innovation and big investments in the entire region. People open up and evolve their business in Lublin eagerly knowing that it favors them significantly.

International and cross-cultural exchange of ideas, cooperation and collaborative growth are the recognizable mark of quality defining Lublin - city multicultural in its origin, history and invincibly today.

Finally, inspiration matters in the big picture perspective. It nurtures future vision and enables progress toward chosen goals and set objectives. If we want to evolve as individuals, local community and as a nation, pure sources and wells of inspiration will have to be rediscovered, recognized and appreciated with confidence.

What does the inspiration mean to you? Have you found it in Lublin yet?

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